Why Chadwick?

We challenge and support our students.

在sunbet注册,我们以整个孩子为中心开发课程。我们的教师共同努力创造丰富,富有挑战性的课堂体验,同时提供办公时间和指导,以确保学生保持健康的生活平衡。这意味着高中学生可以轻松地参加多变量微积分课程,并在学校音乐剧中表演 and 与朋友共度美好时光 - 同时获得他们在大学及其他地方取得成功所需的学术基础。

We limit our enrollment.

With an overall student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1, we're able to structure our learning in an individual and meaningful way, focusing not just on test scores but on personal engagement and retention. Our faculty incorporate powerful discussion, writing and debate into the learning experience. This approach provides a true snapshot of a student’s overall understanding of material and the opportunity to revisit and refocus where needed. It also allows our teachers to stretch our students beyond "standard" learning goals, helping them to think critically and apply complex concepts to daily life.

We know your child really well.  


由于这些有意义的交流,我们的老师与学生建立了真正的联系。我们知道您的孩子在哪里出类拔萃,以及我们可以在哪里轻推他们 even further toward pursuing their goals. In fact, we consistently encourage our students to spread their wings in a safe, supportive environment. That kind of personal attention allows students to build confidence and courage over the long term. It also ensures that our teachers and college advisers can play a strong mentorship role in the growth and development of your child. It’s very common for Chadwick graduates to keep in touch with their Chadwick teachers long after graduation.

We create big opportunities.

小班授课意味着我们的学生可以在校园生活中发挥有意义的作用。总是有空间参加课堂讨论,学校报纸,大学代表队或学生会。更好的是,在sunbet注册,你很少会找到“聪明的孩子”或“运动的孩子”的提法。学生有时间探索他们喜欢的所有事物 - 从社区服务到足球到管弦乐队。

We Care

We commit to developing and supporting your child academically, socially and emotionally. A Chadwick education is about growing as a person, finding one's way and learning to adjust to a changing world. Our talented faculty also serve as advisors, focused on the individual needs of every student. That's especially important during adolescence, when children are faced with an incredible range of choices, including the kind of people they want to hang out with and the kind of person they want to be.


It's not just what students learn that makes Chadwick special — it's how。sunbet注册开发的课程让学生有机会体验他们的学习动手,无论是在我们的机器人课程中编程,在幼儿园班级解剖绵羊的大脑,还是在Chadwick的即兴课程中开发实时喜剧。体验式学习不仅对我们的学生更有趣,还可以增强理解并增加课程材料的保留。 


At Chadwick, our teachers have the time to focus on what’s most important. With small classes and a small course load, they have room to build an engaging curriculum and space in their schedule for one-on-one time with students. They also participate in co-curricular activities on campus, be it coaching water polo, advising the yearbook staff or participating in a community service trip abroad. Some 80 percent of our Upper School faculty have advanced degrees in their field of study, and they're passionate about sharing their expertise with students.

We're a tight-knit, active community.

Chadwick is more than a school. It's a community。当您在Chadwick学校注册您的孩子时,您将成为一个家庭的一员。通过众多活动,包括运动队,戏剧表演,艺术,亲和团体,社区外展活动等等,学生和家庭总能共同享受。

We cherish our alumni, and they care about us, too.

Since our first graduating class in 1940, Chadwick has sent more than 4,647 alumni out into the world. No matter where they go, they continue to play an important role in the school community. That's because, for many, the friends and teachers they meet at Chadwick are like an extended family, and the school itself is like a second home. Alumni often return to our classrooms as teachers, guest lecturers and friends. They support our programs, financially and through volunteerism. They're committed, as we are, to ensuring the continued success of Chadwick for future generations. Discover upcoming events and see where some of our alumni are now! 

Our campus is breathtaking.

在sunbet注册,我们的树木占地45英亩的校园是教室的生活延伸。从我们的私人峡谷到我们的户外露天剧场,从我们宽敞的运动场到广阔的草坪和小径,学生们总能有一个新的地方可以让学生学习,休息或者只是欣赏洛杉矶市中心令人敬畏和令人惊叹的美景。这是你真正需要相信的东西。 Explore our campus.